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The Process

Getting Started

Clients usually contact our office to discuss their project. Once we have established that we can assist them, they mail, email, or personally deliver a plan, sketch, or blueprint containing the dimensions of the project.


We use the information provided from the initial contact to generate an estimate for your project. If the estimate meets your expectations we then request the following before moving on to the design phase.
All appliance, sink and audio/visual specs.

A 5% retainer of the estimated project cost to cover the cost of the design phase, drawings and site visits. (This is fully applied toward the purchase of your cabinetry.)


Much of the design phase is information gathering:
We discuss your ideas and review pictures you may have for your new cabinetry.
You will choose your wood species, door styles, finishes, etc.
We will offer suggestions and options.
We will schedule a site visit to measure the areas where your cabinetry will be installed and evaluate the site for issues related to deliveries, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. and take digital pictures of the area.
After this information is obtained we will begin drawing your project. Once we have completed your initial drawings we will contact you for a meeting to review the drawings. During this meeting we will discuss any changes that you would like made to your project.

Revisions to the original design are included with the retainer.


When all specifications, site conditions, design revisions have been established a proposal will be produced which will include the final price and payment schedule.

We ask you to sign the proposal, initial all drawings and provide a 45% manufacturing deposit. This deposit will place your project into the production schedule.


We will work with you and your builder to determine the best time for cabinetry delivery and installation. We understand that setbacks may arise with building that may place subcontractors behind schedule and impossible for us to deliver and install your project as scheduled. We will coordinate with your builder and our installer to reschedule the delivery if needed.

A 40% payment will be due upon completion of the manufacturing stage of your cabinetry. The final 10% payment will be due upon completion of the installation stage.


All standard hardware used by Cornerstone Cabinets carries a lifetime warranty. All cabinetry purchased from Cornerstone Cabinets has a lifetime limited warranty.

If an issue arises that is not covered under warranty we will make every reasonable effort to resolve the issue. Satisfied customers are the lifeline of our business.

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